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  • Buy, Sell & Trade all your digital assets from a single application
  • Convert your crypto into multiple different currencies
  • A True Real-Time trading experience
  • Easy to buy bitcoins and other currencies
  • Each XUM Token holder regularly receives a half of XumPay's profit

XumPay is the low-cost, digital currency exchange ad trading platform.

It is one of the most advanced global digital asset exchange. It offers complete exchange (Buy, Sale, Trade) and supports multiple cryptocurrency/tokens on a one stop platform. Its intuitive user interface allows trading in cryptocurrencies.

XumPay brings proven financial technologies to the cryptocurrency market. It means higher liquidity, lower fees and combined platforms. It is special because of its amazing components. These components allows XumPay to be stable, trustable and valuable project.


Multiple Blockchain Assets

One wallet for them all. Store, Buy, Sale and trade all your digital assets from a single convenient application

Desktop/Mobile Platform

Exchange between your crypto & traditional currencies directly from your Desktop & Mobile devices

Multiple Traditional Currencies

Convert your crypto assets into multiple traditional currencies

Instant Trading

A true “real-time” trading experience help users to trade instantly.

Easy to Buy Bitcoins & Other Crypto Currencies

Execute a bank wire transfer to your XumPay account and here – you’ve just bought BTC, ETH, Ripple and others crypto currency!

Profit share

Profit share: 50% of annual profit. Each XUM token holder regularly receives a half of XumPay’s profit and that is the key element of our token growth mechanism. Therefore, the XUM token is directly backed by XumPay financial success and has a real increasing worth.

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