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Welcome to Central Airdrop, Your one stop for finding the most recent Airdrops in the crypto community! Updated regularly, Airdrops are checked for Quality and legitimacy before being posted.

You won’t need anything more than a wallet and an email address to sign up to most airdrops, but if you have particular interest in one, perhaps you will consider investing and becoming a larger part of an increasingly popular movement, one that could possibly be one of the best investments you have ever made. If you’re unsure where to start click here for our getting started guide.

With that said, this website is designed for you to get information about giveaways and bounties. Any investments you make are not our responsibility and we recommend doing YOUR OWN thorough research about ANY company / ICO before making an investment.

Furthermore, we will also be posting and updating alternate ways to earn cryptocurrencies and alt coins with little to no investment in the earn section of our website.

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