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  • Sustainable Digital Asset-based Blockchain Network
  • Easy to Use Memory Storage and Transfer Service
  • Provide Memory Block Licensing and Chips
  • Develop People to Machine Memory Exchange
  • Promote Decentralization of the Human Memory Bank Ecosystem
  • Develop People to People Memory Exchange
  • Develop the Building of Artificial Intelligence Robot Skills and Memory Database


  • Build -Build an advanced blockchian for digital assets such as photo, video, password, banking statement, cryptocurrency and even memories downloaded from the human brain.
  • Operate -Global promotion and operation for TimeBox services and ensure liquidity of the TimeBox
  • Charity -Setup a charity foundation of TimeBox, provide the TimeBox service to those vulnerable groups.


Unable to store permanently – There is no guarantee that precious digital assets can be stored in personal computer or any one cloud service company for 20, 5o, OR even 100 years.

Identification and anonymity dilemma – Identification of traditional assets requires personal photo, identity card, cell-phone number, e-mail address and even authentication of relatives and friends; moreover, it has absolutely no privacy or the news about the leakage of personal inf – ormation is oftenen countered; in short, both the accurate identification and the anonymous demand to protect the personal privacy cannot be taken into consideration.

Extremely high cost – Common permanent storage, national defense-level security and non-repudiation are always the right demands of each person, furthermore, to search a lawyer or a bank should pay for a huge cost, hence that still fails to be guaranteed absolutely.

Frequent propagation of hackers and viruses – Traditional centralized banking trust mechanism or centralized cloud storage service are unable to withstand the fierce hacker attacks or the risk of sealing, let alone to store these valuable digital assets in personal computer.



Provide an online custody service for digital assets that is simple, powerful and convenient for everyone.

Short-term (1-5 years)

Set up a decentralized, secure and sustainable digital asset-based blockchain network service.

Mid-term (3-15 years)

Provides easy-to-use, powerful and easy-to-use memory storage and transfer service for everyone.

Long-term (10-50 years)

To promote decentralization of the human memory bank ecosystem

  •  To promote decentralization of the human memory bank ecosystem.
  •  Develop the building of artificial intelligence robot skills and memory database.
  •  Provide Memory Block Licensing and Chips: Provide Skill Memory Licensing for a Variety of Artificial Intelligence Robot Design Companies.
  •  Develop People to Machine memory exchange: memory can be loaded into the computer, increase the computer’s artificial intelligence.
  •  Develop People to People memory exchange: Pay for memory assets or just sharing with each other.

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