SwiftDemand - SWIFT

SwiftDemand - SWIFT


10.0 /10

Project Demand

7.0 /10

User Interface

9.5 /10


9.5 /10


  • 500 on signup, then Earn 100 SWIFT / day
  • Buy/Sell items & services with SWIFT
  • Easy-to-use Interface
  • SWIFT algorithm allows up to 50,000 transactions/second
  • Scroll Down for more information


  • None Known

Swift Demand

Ticker : SWIFT

Signup for swift demand to receive your 500 coins now and 100 every 24/hrs if you login or not. after signup you are considered a swift citizen!

Swift Demand allows you to spend SWIFT online and buy items from almost anywhere. Swifts algorithm allows them to improve the transaction speed to 50,000 transactions a second as needed. For example visa can only handle 24,000 per second. Swift Demand could be the next big thing, the platform is one of the easiest to to use and understand + transaction fees are almost nothing. get in now before its over Were on Round 2.

Click HERE for 500 Swift coins




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