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  • Access to Pre-sales
  • Zero Commissions
  • Airdrop Bonuses
  • Loyalty and Rewards
  • Manage and Trade
  • Multi-Asset Wallet
  • Enterprise Grade Security
  • Syndication Tools (Beta)

Be at the Forefront!

In 2017, California rain spurred a “super bloom” of wildflowers, and blockchain technology created explosive opportunities for new business models, products, and systems. Learn how to be part of the Superbloom of blockchain innovation.

Get access to highly sought-after private sales, trade for free, and receive airdrops of every token sold on the platform!


Platform Technology Features

Here are a few reasons you can trust in Superbloom and our innovative approach to crypto finance;

Buy, sell and manage crypto with ease on the Superbloom platform


BUILT ON STELLAR –The platform has all the benefits of a public blockchain including transparency and an immutable ledger;

SYNDICATION TOOLS (BETA) – Syndicate partners can invite participants, securely store assets, and distribute tokens to their members;

ENTERPRISE GRADE SECURITY – All digital assets are secure in an insured, offline cold storage until you withdraw or transfer them;

MULTI-ASSET WALLET – Members can reserve pre-ICO tokens and manage various types of crypto including ERC-20, BTC, and Lumens.

  1. BECOME A MEMBER –Purchase SEED tokens and choose membership level;
  2. BUY VETTED PRESALE TOKENSRead due diligence and purchase pre-ICO tokens;
  3. MANAGE AND TRADEView and transact all your digital assets on the platform.


Superbloom is a simplified crypto investment platform with zero transaction fees. Anyone who hold SEED is considered a member and receives free tokens from every sale on the platform. Join us to watch your portfolio bloom.


  • ACCESS TO PRE-SALES – Users stake SEED to become members. Members can access vetted private token sales. Priority is based on membership level;
  • ZERO COMMISSIONS – SEED holders can buy, sell and manage tokens on the Superbloom exchange – all with zero transaction fees;
  • AIRDROP BONUSES – Members opt in for airdrop bonuses from companies that sell their token on the platform, even if they do not participate in the individual sale;
  • LOYALTY & REWARDS – The more you transact, the rewards you receive. Redeem them for platform tokens, proprietary research, event tickets, and more.

SuperBloom Airdrop


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