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  • Real-time tickers
  • Professional Charts
  • Multiple versions


StockChain is the world’s 1st decentralized cryptocurrency quotation and exchange platform with the data from the exchanges all over the world uploaded to the chain to benefit its global users. StockChain is dedicated to promote the healthy development and built a better future of the cryptocurrency market.

They aim to build a cryptocurrency quotation analysis platform for professional investors. Meanwhile, they strive to make the program trading strategies, traditional financial investment models and AI investment strategies applied by investors widely, so that every investor can choose desired strategy models to conduct program trading.

Based on massive data, StockChain has developed a series of big data business intelligence applications such as institution-catered database. It also collaborates with several large enterprises to realize effective marketization of data mining.

SCC aims to facilitate ordinary people to utilize the most professional automated trade system from Wall Street and let the successful and experienced investors lead others to share the benefits of the new world. The open, fair and impartial high-frequency trading interface ensures the automated programs can support the investors’ operations in milliseconds.

Their team members have working experiences in Wall Street, famous securities companies and institutions as well as the big data and AI fields. We devote ourselves in the cryptocurrency market because we believe that we can achieve the most sharing and fair programmed software for the blockchain residents.

StockChain can automatically identify the trading pattern from the global market data, predict in advance the trading trend and make promising trading strategy through collecting and formalizing the financial and trading data based on the machine learning technology.


The Blockchain technology (BT) is also known as distributed accounting technology. It’s an internet database technology with the feature of decentralization, transparency and openness. Everyone can participate in data query.

StockChain realizes information recognition and structural analysis based on machine learning and makes risk prediction on the cryptocurrency market based on the neutral network model.

Real-time tickers -24 hours real-time update of major global trading conditions, do not miss every price fluctuations and trading opportunities;

Professional Charts -Provide professional and smooth K-line technology, add different data indicators to analyze, and timely and effective judgment market trends;

Multiple versions -Windows, Android, IOS full platform coverage. Don’t miss any market information.


Professional financial team:

top traders and bankers from global traditional secondary markets.

Big data analysis:

data process experience at PB level and process ability above T level.

AI technology:

managing large accounts in traditional stock future markets and creating various high-yield investment models.

Public opinion monitoring system:

gpiathering information from the whole Internet and improve the trading models through semantic analysis.

Various traffic entrance:

utilizing rich experience in Internet products operation to better attract users.

High-frequency trading system:

fully self-designed system from the network driver to hardware alteration.

Solid experience in products:

top security and product architecture experts with years of experience in high concurrency Internet products


Bitcoin, Ethereum and other ICO Token’s Options
We will offer different types of option contracts to investors. Meanwhile, we’ll provide a customer-tocustomer
(C2C) option exchange platform for them to participate in the option creation and trading, and to trade
options directly with other investors (P2P).

Option is a contract, which gives the holder the right to buy or sell a good at a specific price on a certain date.
There are mainly two kinds of options: call option and put option. After paying a certain amount of premium to the
seller, the buyer will own the right to buy certain amount of specific goods at an agreed-upon price any time before
the contract expires.







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