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Here is a feed of the airdrops without much background information Or Airdrops That Are very Limited on time so get them quick once they hit the page because they might be taken down in a flash!

Although we don’t recommend investing in a coin without much background information, Signing up to the airdrop will still get you the free coins which could end up being worth a lot if the ICO ends up being successful. Not all Coins on this list are New OR have limited information.


February 24 UPDATE :

Central Airdrop has been hard at work on the website fixing a few bugs and are now fully functioning!

Here is a list of 16 NEW Airdrops in the Last 24 Hours Get them now before time runs out.

We will Be Elaborating on a lot of these with more info and guides on how to sign up but here is the QuickStart List :


5 DNN / talk to telegram bot

Click Here For Airdrop


Corbit exchange get 30 CEX tokens free

Click Here For Airdrop


Get 10 DAE : Worth 5$ per coin!

Beauty chain get 18 free tokens worth 2.50 each!

Click Here For Airdrop


Bitdark get 400 free coins on signup!

Click Here For Airdrop


Owndata airdrop get 1000 coins free

Free 8888 ETU coins free on signup! Just need email

Thrive Airdrop

Get 10 free cibus tokens! Just sign up

Click Here For Airdrop



Click Here For Airdrop


Gym Rewards token get 100 gym tokens, get laid to work out its like mining with your body!

Click Here For Airdrop


Obirum airdrop get 100 tokens on signup

Click Here For Airdrop


IOTEX get 10 points for Candy, telegram bot

Click Here For Airdrop


HMC AIRDROP get 50 Hmc Tokens : Enter ETH address and telegram group for activation. Hit EN in top right for English

Click Here For Airdrop


Tell 1 friend and get 8 rxeal tokens!

Get 10 CAPP tokens on signup! Just talk to #telegram #bot

Click Here For Airdrop





Click Here For 100 Eth Lend



Ethlend Airdrop is Limited Time only, This airdrop won’t last long

The Lend platform allows you to apply for a loan of ETH from another holder using the platform.





Spectro Coin Exchange + Bankera ICO

SpectroCoin Sign Up

Bankera ICO, BIG announcement. Acquired Pacific Private Bank. Check it out

Bankera News Link Click Here


If your interested in buying Bankera/Bnk you can deposit


ETH/BTC to Spectro Coin Exchange & Buy Bankera directly. it works as if you

were to buy anything on any normal exchange but tokens are locked in after you buy.

YOU CAN DEPOSIT FROM EXCHANGES TOO!! Ive done it personally from quadrigacx! Deposit in under 10 mins and             bought ico as if it were listed on exchange… cheers!



15,120 POW Tokens on signup, 

Click here for 15,120 Pow Tokens


Just Hit the Link & click the Facebook/Twitter Button & you’ve Received your 15,000 Pow tokens!
You Can then send the link to all your Facebook friends and get 15,000 tokens per friend that signs up, They get the 15,000 tokens too




SUCH APP AIRDROP Get 100 Stakes in the Airdrop Now!
Click Here For Such App Airdrop

Blockchain-enabled, multi-channel messaging platform. Make Money By Messaging



VIULY AIRDROP Get 10 Viuly tokens on Signup

Click Here For Viuly Airdrop

VIULY AIRDROP : Make videos and get paid for your views! Viuly is already a working product. Post on Viuly and share them to social media and get paid for your views.



CCRB AIRDROP : CCRB is an online shopping platform that is already running! anything you buy online you get 25% Back CCRB!

Click Here For CCRB Airdrop



CNN TOKEN Airdrop :

Content Neutrality Network

Ticker : CNN

Get 128 CNN tokens free by participating in this airdrop

Indias New Content Era

Click Here For CNN Token Airdrop




Click Link and Sign up to get free 100$ worth of CRNC


Click Here for CRNC Airdrop Value : 100$




200M KNOR Reserved for bounty Get your part of it now

Click Here For NKR Airdrop & Bounty




LEGITCOIN 22.50$ worth free on signup+ master card + price has doubled already!

Click Link For Airdrop




Crypto BNB Airdrop Get Your Share of 5000 CKEY Tokens

Ticker : Ckey

Vacation rentals platform powered by CryptoDnA – a trust based blockchain technology
They Already have a live prototype of the real model.

Over Half Gone!

Click here for your share of 5 Million Ckey Tokens


Hurify Airdrop : Get 50 Hurify Tokens on signup in this Airdrop, link opens telegram page. just talk to telegram both and claim tokens

This Platform is going to be huge ICO already 69 % sold out

Click Here For Hurify Airdrop



Genechain Airdrop : Get 20 GENE on signup (Click The EN button on top right corner of the screen, turns page english)

Click here to Participate in the Genechain Airdrop


BitMart Exchange & 20 BMX tokens on Signup

It is always a good idea as an “Airdropper” to sign up for as many exchanges as you can as soon as they come out because they could get full like binance , if you get a coin airdropped to you & you want to sell but can’t get into the exchange its offered on then you won’t be able to sell your coins until they open up registration . A lot of exchanges also airdrop tokens to exchange users randomly to thank the users.

Click Here to get 20 BMX tokens & signup for the new exchange BitMart




DOLECOIN New Exchange + 10 Free Dolecoins on signup, Get on the new Exchange before their full! the sooner the better

Click Here to sign up for Dolecoin Exchange and get 10 Dolecoin



Airfio Crypto bank : signup to participate in Bounty Rewards like making a tweet on twitter or share on Facebook

Africa also features Lending Program

Exchangers, Airfio gift , Airfio card & ATM’s

Airfio Crypto Bank click here to participate in bounty



Tubi Coin : Get 88 Tubi Coins On signup

After you click link you put ETH Address
Your Required to join tubi telegramchat and say your code in chat. you will instantly get your 88 Tubi Coins. I checked it personally & sometimes the link they provide you to chat is wrong, just open your telegram app and search tubi & say your code there. cheers!

Get 88 Tubi Coins Now on signup




Get 1000 Drop Tokens on signup + bounty to complete.

Signup for Dropil And get your 1k tokens + your able to participate in bounty program, Dropil just released ARTHUR on their platform, if you invest as little as 50$ you can use Arthur. Arthur is a Arbitrage program that shows you where coins are less in price and more.

Example BTC is 10k on bitfinex exchange & at the same time it is 11k on Binance. You would buy from bitfinex and move coins to Binance and sell for a 1k profit nearly 0 risk

Click here to signup for Dropil and Receive 1000 Drop Tokens Free