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  • Fully-hosted Decentralized Online Website / Shop Builder
  • Create your own Currency / Token
  • Escrow Service and ShopiPal payment processing service
  • Customized Website templates for Merchants
  • Multiple Stores Creation
  • Fast & Secure Installation







SHOPIBLOCK is the first system designed specifically to enable merchants to conveniently issue branded cryptocurrencies to a mass consumer audience. Discount coupons, loyalty points, and gift rewards will also be “tokenized”.

A platform which allows for the secure exchange of Merchant products with crypto currencies and which enables low cost cross-border payments and microtransactions. Since you can also create your own cryptocurrency and being able to exchange these Merchant Tokens creates a situation where they have tangible value to everyone. Doing this on the blockchain means anyone can see and verify transactions and check the token supply. As they are digital tokens for a multitude of stores, brands and merchants, they can be stored on a smartphone, without the need to carry around loyalty cards etc. Moreover, exchanging and spending Merchant Tokens and performing transactions from your smartphone wallet creates a variety of valuable data.

The key feature of the SHOPIBLOCK system is that branded Merchant Tokens can be freely traded for SHB, a public cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Customers can now take SHB to any exchange in the world and trade them for real cash. The ability to convert incentive points into real money frees the customer from any single points ecosystem. It also allows consumers to achieve 100% utilization of their disparate incentive points. Because the tokens are fungible and easily circulated asset, they can also be exchanged with anyone, who can then use the value of the token. This enables gifting of tokens between shoppers and even the donation of tokens by shoppers and/or retailers to third party entities.

The average consumer is a member of 29 incentive programs. However, 76% of consumers do not use their shopping incentives. This is a significant waste of corporate resources in efforts to activate consumer engagement.  For merchants, issuing tokenized shopping incentives significantly enhances engagement, consumer satisfaction, and ultimately drives better business.

For Merchants: 

●  Can open a blockchain store with own cryptocurrency.

●  Or use existing store and add our crypto payment gateway to accept cryptocurrencies.

●  Gets a crypto payment customer loyalty solution.

For Brands:

●  Brands can increase loyalty and sales, we have a perfect solution!

●  Brands can increase their outreach with multiple store setups.

●  Comfortable and help small business build loyal customer bases.

For Users:

●  Users change fiat in cryptocurrency with Shopiblock Exchange and will be able to buy their favourites products in cryptocurrency.

●  Shopiblock reduces the risk of fraud by acting as a trusted third-party that collects, holds and only disburses funds when both Buyers and Sellers are satisfied.

●  Transparent transactions between buyer and merchant since blockchain is a public ledger.

To achieve this goal, Shopiblock offers besides the blockchain shop software, plugins for all the popular webcarts used today. Optionally users can store their coins in their secure online wallet. Shopiblock members can send cryptocurrency to any email address in the supported countries with our crypto payment gateway solution. Buying or selling products securely with our integrated crypto payments escrow protection. Shopiblock enables merchants with the world ́s first blockchain-based loyality wallet, a Loyalty-as-a- Service solution, to reward loyal customer with their own cryptocurrency.

Decentralized White-label SaaS software

The first decentralized shop software as a service on the cryptocurrency market. Use Shopiblock to create the ultimate decentralized business in your niche.

Launch your own token

Shopiblock offers the best solution for launching a decentralized online store that includes your own unique token.

Shopiblock Exchange

The SHB Exchange will include all merchant tokens and be a full-feature cryptocurrency exchange that is purpose-built for a mass consumer audience.

Escrow service

Shopiblock the world’s first secure crypto payment method from a counterparty risk perspective – safeguarding both buyer and seller, all funds transacted using escrow are kept in trust.

Loyality Customer Solution

We offer great loyalty programs like cashback to help you retain customers and build your business. Reward customer with your own cryptocurrency.

Accept altcoins with your existing shop solution

Instant crypto checkout with easy to use cart plugins, invoice builder, and an API for custom integrations.

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