We have added 7 new airdrops to our quicklist archive, some very promising projects in the works! Here is a quick break down of the recently added airdrops:

(×Get 1000 OSchain tokens on signup (×)

 Open source chain, demonstrates how blockchain create values. Click and get 1000 OSCH being part of community. Get additional 400 OSCH when your friends become part of community and 80 more when their friends also in the community.


(×) Energy token Airdrop : get 100 Energy tokens on signup (×)

Join Energy Token Airdrop and earn 100 Energy Tokens!

Refer a friend and earn +50 more Energy Tokens!


TrakInvest Airdrop get 10 free TRAK on signup

Trakinvest aims to democratize equity trading by equipping the average retail investor with superior insights and trading ideas generated by its AI engine. Submit your email id and wallet address & stay until end of campaign for you to receive your bounty.

TrakInvest Airdrop


CoinPennant, A direction into the right investment.

The CoinPennant system offers a cryptocurrency analysis and a social platform for investors, traders and analysts. The goal of this platform is to establish a cooperative environment where stakeholders can decide about their investment or trading opportunities based on other participants’ opinion and computer-detected patterns and facts.


Bonum Platform #bonum #airdrop sign up for your free coins!

The Bonum Platform provides the opportunity to take out loans in cryptocurrencies, tokens and fiat money against blockchain assets, as well make cryptocurrency and token deposits. These are basic, fundamental, and therefore popular financial services that are not widely available in cryptoeconomy at the moment, but the demand for which will grow at the fastest pace.



Chat with the bot and submit details to claim your 70 DCC Tokens


Yourblock Airdrop : Get 20 YBK just talk to telegram bot

Find these, and several other airdrops on our quickstart list. Stay tuned for more Airdrops!

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