We have added 7 more new airdrops to our quicklist archive, Here is a quick break down of the recently added airdrops:


ICO HeadStart™ is a platform that expertly pre-screens ICOs listing the top 3% of the most promising ICOs for you to participate in. Once we list the projects on our platform, it’s up to our community to select their favourites. Here’s where the ‘Wisdom of the Crowd’ kicks in! The projects that receive sufficient votes to reach their soft cap, will be successfully funded!

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Harnessing on Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and trustless Smart Contracts, Viola.AI is set to revolutionize the dating and relationship space in the world

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Ethereum Key is a decentralized cryptocurrency built on a blockchain technologies for new era of payments using the ecosystem and enabled reverse transaction feature.

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Digitalcoin airdrop

signup click verify hash and your done! Trade on right away 1000 free coins

Secure and private platform Designed for mass adoption that includes App based mobile mining, Company has Signed agreements with global mobile networks and aim to Provide a digital payment solution to the developing world

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DB token airdrop (registrations restricted due to high traffic)

Signup & it masters your music for you

Since launch in 2016, CloudBounce has offered instant audio mastering for musicians, bands and studios. Today, we are a 40,000 strong global user community from over 70 countries.

With dBounce, our goal is to build a robust, open network for AI audio production. Together with the creator community, dBounce can become the leading solution for consumers, video and audio streaming services, broadcasting and production companies.

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Esenth airdrop!

ESENTH NETWORK, Next generation Artificial Intelligence for DATA computing & Monetize Intellectual Property(IP) in Blockchain Era…! A Decentralized Collaborative Processing Network.

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Lightcash Airdrop

Based on Blockchain technology, Lightcash provides a mechanism for convenient transactions, together with the ability to instantly exchange Lightcash tokens for fiat money or cryptocurrencies. By using the Lightcash App, users can pay for goods with cryptocurrencies instead of cash. Payments can be made at payment terminals and in many online stores, with only a small commission.

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