Surprise! We have added 6 more new airdrops to our quicklist archive, making a total of 13 airdrops in the last 24 hours! Click here to read about the other 7 that we added today! Here is a quick break down of the recently added airdrops:

500 Colour Coin https (×)

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Get Colour Coin!

Pumpkin Pay

Pumpkin pay is enabling ubiquitous merchandise acceptance of cryptocurrencies. This will greatly accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrency and tapping into the existing ecosystem of global commerce. Pumpkin Pay will be a platform that will facilitate real time cryptocurrency transactions at point of sale.

Get 100 PPKC first and invite your friends to win more!

ExTrade Cash (EXTRA)

ExTrade is a professional crypto asset management platform where users can choose from a wide variety of crypto funds to invest in. ExTrade’s management system has been used by many multi-billion dollar funds for their own capital safety and risk management needs.

10 ExTrade Cash (EXTRA) from the best crypto asset management platform.


GOLDCHAIN ​​is a blockchain-based flagged gold asset trading platform that uses GOLD digital assets to support 100% physical gold or exchange-traded funds (ETFs). This means that the future digital assets GOLD and gold can be linked, GOLD uses blockchain cryptocurrency to solve the global gold and other precious asset transactions. Global gold deals amount to trillions of dollars a year, yet gold trades liquidity is not as high in traditional trading scenarios, and buying and selling GOLD digital assets is an extremely convenient and safe way. GOLD tokens can be easily exchanged with the mainstream virtual currency such as BTC, ETH, XRP and other legal currencies, and linked to the gold trading, so that the transaction itself is more secure, stable, convenient, authoritative and pioneering the global gold Loan.

Goldchainpro get 18 Gold on signup

ARN airdrop (×)

Aeron is the new standard of aviation safety powered by blockchain.

There will be 10 winners, 100 Aeron (ARN) Token (~$250) per winner.

Participate in ARN Airdrop   

Friendz Airdrop (×)

Friendz offers a variety of digital advertising services, among which brand awareness and product placement campaigns, sharing content activities and market researches. Friendz community can take part to the activities available on the platform, supporting brands in the process of content creation and validation. The participation is compensated with Friendz Coins that can be spent in Friendz network of ecommerce platforms and physical shops.

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