Guess What? We have added 18 more new airdrops to our quicklist archive, Here is a quick break down of the recently added airdrops:


Get free UME tokens

Yoo-Mi a small but powerful company made up of the crème de la crème of experts in artificial intelligence, psychology, and algorithms. Over the course of seven years we have developed some pretty incredible technology that combines powerful predictive algorithms with deep psychological profiling to enable machines to understand emotion and predict behavior.

Now, we finally feel ready to take our project to the next level and share it with the community- and this is where you come in! HELP US SPREAD THE WELLNESS!

Click here to get UME

Thrive airdrop

Thrive is a Blockchain based Marketplace to BUY and SELL Advertising at very low fees.
People get PAID for data sharing and for reviewing the quality of each website in the ecosystem. YOU are finally taking back the control of the internet.

Click Here to get Thrive Tokens

Health Nexus airdrop (×)

Health Nexus is an open-source blockchain protocol that provides a more efficient, trustworthy and secure path for the data to travel.

Whether its patients to providers, pharmaceuticals to researchers, or supply chain to consumers, Health Nexus opens up a whole marketplace for innovation in data transfer for the healthcare community.

Click Here To Sign up for Health Nexus Airdrop

Cfc candy airdrop

CFC is a Cryptocurrency Financing Community based on blockchain technology which was invested by ZhenFund, MetaChainCapital and other big VC in China just now. CFC project uses the blockchain technology to build up the relationships between cryptocurrency with good real assets and make the cryptocurrency to get interests. Limited time airdrop 1,000,000 CFC free token, 188 free tokens once you entered the group, plus 188 free tokens if your invited friend entered the group as well.

Click Here To participate in the CFC Candy Airdrop

Monanex ( Hit signup on top right for airdrop )

Monanex is a bitcoin exchange platform with FIAT operations built on modern technologies. In Monanex exchange you can trade anonymously – no identity or documents needed (* Only for fiat operations). Total privacy and anonymity ensuring your identity. No daily withdrawal limit. Monanex exchange have o low trading 0.01% fee with ETH & BTC. With Monanex coin you can trade with 0% fee. And For ICO contributor 0% fee in all trading currency assets.

Click Here to get 100 free Monanex

Oneroot airdrop

ONEROOT Project brings together the tangible and intangible resources inside and outside the industry. In the process of optimizing and integrating resources, ONEROOT extends the idea of a shared economy and separates the right to use and the ownership of resources, and proposes the concept of a distributed business engine. With the help of blockchain technology, the co-builders can digitize the right to use resources, including software, hardware, manpower, etc. and establish transparent value exchange and cooperation rules, which greatly improve the resource utilization efficiency. In addition, participants have established a new cooperative relationship based on equal cooperation and common development, which has significant advantages compared with the traditional business model dominated by centralized entities.

Click here for Oneroot Airdrop

TB airdrop 8 tokens worth 10$ free

You may imagine TimeBox as a time capsule, using decentralized storage technology with smart contract on it. Blockchain can keep our digital assets forever on the internet, as long as the internet exist. A smart contract guarantees the stored precious assets be delivered on time whenever it is. TimeBox leverage blockchain technology with guaranteed delivery service, is the key solution to the needs or pains for everyone!

Click Here For Timebox Airdrop

Gladius referral airdrop!

A decentralized ecosystem on top of the blockchain that enables anyone to rent out their unused bandwidth to be a part of a DDoS protection network.

Click here to join Gladius Referral Airdrop

Freychain airdrop (×)

The world’s first blockchain collection data appreciation platform

Click Here for Freychain Airdrop


ERPCoin, as a socially responsible business that prioritizes a secure commitment to the number of tokens you purchase, requires everyone to follow the process of validating and updating their wallet address into the white paper.

Moreover, for the process of buying Token to be easier in ICO days, we require you to find out and confirm the terms and conditions of selling ERPCoin Token.

Click Here for ERP COIN Airdrop


CIBUS provides consumers a mobile application based tracing tool to verify the quality and authenticity of food and dietary supplements that they consume on a daily basis. It revolutionizes the concept of food safety, enhances transparency and reduces consumers’ dependency on regulatory bodies for quality assurance. CIBUS creates an open, fair and free tra de eco – system where consumers can directly interact and trade with producers and manufacturers. It eliminates all unnecessary intermediaries .

Click here to start CIBUS Airdrop & Bounty


The Fan Access Network and FAN Tokens are going to revolutionize the experience of being a sports fan, and the FCFL will be the first league built on and powered by the Fan Access Network.

Click Here for Fan Token Airdrop


Ethereum New Generation is a decentralized cryptocurrency solution built on blockchain technology that will offer fantastic value for cryptocurrency community members. We are introducing ENG tokens a brand new cryptocurrency that based on Etherium and will be used safely and comfortably.

Ethereum New Generation is a cryptocurrency platform is set to revolutionize the way cryptocurrency operates. You will be able to connect to our platform from anywhere in the world, use your tokens to pay, be sure of privacy and the safety of your funds. Cryptocurrency & blockchain technology will help Ethereum New Generation offer immediate, pain-free transactions from every corner of the globe. Ethereum New Generation is one of many new cryptocurrencies that are build on a third generation blockchain, focussing on a few main elements to combat the scalability issues that arise with 2nd generation cryptocurrencies.

Click Here for ENG Airdrop

Hamster make 1000 usd with this airdrop

A decentralized platform for selling unique innovative gadgets

Thousands of manufacturers. No markup, no middleman

Click Here For Hamster Airdrop


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