Peace Coin

Ticker : PEC

Get free Peace coin by talking to the telegram bot, all you do is click the link & it will open your telegram app automatically. It will bring you to the bot, click Start, it will then ask you for your email and Ethereum wallet address (i would use myetherwallet, just go to site and make one if you don’t already have one) & thats it your done.Click here for Airdrop

Peace coin 3.6 “Lives Lost Due To Hunger, Disease & War In 3.6 Seconds” is truly an amazing platform.

Some of the peace coin they use is sent to ICC (International Children’s Care) to contribute to education, hunger and child welfare.

What Peace coin has to offer:

Peace coin 3.6 Card : enables you to spend PEC coin anywhere in the world that supports the PEACE card, or take out cash at any supporting ATM

Online shopping: shop anywhere online and pay directly with your PEC funds

China, Vietnam & Indonesia are using the Peacecoin 3.6 card.

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