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  • Secure Wallet to store Cryptocurrencies
  • Peer to Peer payments with address
  • Earn tokens for signup, top-ups, transactions and referrals
  • Funded Wallets with test currencies for first time users to try the app

Nuo is a decentralised and transparent crypto banking platform for emerging markets. It aims to create a global alternative to traditional banking and help accelerate adoption of cryptocurrencies. Nuo acts as financial control centre to store, spend and grow your cryptocurrency of your choice. This version is being launched with:

1. Super fast signup (~30 secs) and fingerprint login
2. Secure wallet to store crypto currencies – BTC, BCH, LTC
3. Peer to Peer payments with an address, QR Code or NFC
4. Nuocoin tokens for signup, top-up, transactions and referrals
5. Funded wallets with test currencies for first time users to try the app
6. Preview of our decentralised and global lending product

Official Airdrop Announcement:

We are excited to announce the launch of Nuocoin, an ERC20 token built on top of ethereum platform. This will enable us to make ‘you’ a part of our journey and growth. Here are ways in which you can currently earn Nuocoins:

1. Install and signup  -  50 NUO
2. Refer friends to signup  -  50 NUO (Max 10)
3. Add funds to any wallet  -  50 NUO
4. Make your first transaction  -  50 NUO
5. Make 5 transactions  -  100 NUO
6. Make 10 transactions – 100 NUO

Click Here for Nuo Airdrop & App

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