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  • Investors receive 1 MOBI-SIM card per $300 USD invested into MOBILINK-COIN
  • Will issue a Mobilink MasterCard
  • Will have Desktop, Android, iOS Wallet App
  • Will have EXCHANGE where user can instantly exchange up to 50 crypto-currencies within Mobilink Wallet
  • Earn Coins continuously by using their platform
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Ticker : MBX

PRE ICO launch FEB 20 2018

Mobilink Airdrop Signup Click Here

Mobilink The first ever mobile telecom company using blockchain technology, Mobilink coin holders will have access to over 170 worldwide telecom carriers and should hit 250 million users in 2 years.

Mobilink services are paid for by advertisements, the advertisement companies pay Mobilink to put their ads on the website. when you watch the adds you are paying for your subscription at the same time BUT Mobilink will also pay you in MBX coins for watching the ads as well.

Get rid of your cellphone bill
Free Global Roaming
Earn Mobilink Coins Daily
Huge token growth Potential

MBX Team will not increase the amount of ads you see at any time
The amount of ads you will see will be on average with what you see on a daily basis today

Mobilink plans to release # types of sim cards for the late android and iPhones
Mobil ink Wallet : desktop + Wallet app
Mobilink Exchange : exchange for btc/eth and the top 50 cryptocurrencys
Mobilink Mastercard

After you signup go to airdrop tab on the left and follow the instructions
right now there is 10 dfferent ways you can earn MDX coins

To sign up for mobilink Airdrop you need to download telegram, super easy on phones and computer
(A lot of airdrops use telegram , upwards of 40% )

Mobilink Airdrop Signup Click Here


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