How to participate in Airdrops With 2 Easy Steps :

  1.  Getting a cryptocurrency wallet that is universal for a good majority of available and upcoming currencies is key to participating in airdrops, thanks to we can easily create a Myetherwallet which is good for ALL Cryptocurrencys that trade against Eth.To create a myetherwallet go to & click Create New Wallet, Enter your Password and don’t forget it. that will be the password you use to open the UTC file your about to download.

    Next Click Download Keystore file UTC/JSON , This is Your Wallet File. save this file back it up send it to someone you trust because that file is your wallet.

    The next time you want to open/ View your wallet and see if coins have been airdropped in you go to myetherwallet site & at the top you will see “view wallet info”  Click on that tab input UTC File and password.

    Thats IT your IN you now own a myetherwallet OR MEW account.

    Once your logged in you can see your address its at the top & starts with 0X this is your wallet address and you always use this address when entering in Airdrops.

    2. The only other thing you need is a Email ! most Airdrops only want a ETH Address & Email But if you want to be able to participate in all airdrops you probably want to go ahead and download TELEGRAM because about 30% of airdrops do use this app that works through your cellphone and can be downloaded in any App Store.

    Adding New Coins To Myetherwallet that aren’t there.

    To add a coin to Myetherwallet that you can’t seem to find in the list ( you can always wait instead of taking this method, myetherwallet will add the coins eventually there are just so many!)

    use (you can find on your main page after you login to your wallet) : you type the name of the coin that you are looking for in the search bar so for example ETH, and press enter, the screen will reload with a address at the top that also starts with 0X. This is the ETH Contract Address, then if you scroll down it will tell you ticker so its ETH again (ETH for Ethereum) and the last thing you need to know is Decimals, just keep scrolling down and you will see it, its all there on

    You take this info back to Myetherwallet and login with your UTC file in the “View Wallet Info” tab again, scroll down until you see ” Add Custom Token ” and punch in the address,Ticker & decimals and click save. Now your New Coin is added to your wallet.

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