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  • LOANDEX will have 4 base currency market pairs of LDX, BTC, ETH and LTC
  • LDX market pair will be free forever while 0.05% will be charged in BTC, ETH and LTC market pairs for maintenance and logistics expenses only.
  • LOANDEX Token will be the only currency that will be accepted for payment on our platform for all the services we render
  • Our server can handle more than 120 million visitors per month.
  • Only 1 Billion LDX will ever be in existence.

Decentralized Commission Free Margin Trading Exchange

Pre-ICO LDX Token Auction ending 2018-05-28


LOANDEX is a new generation decentralized exchange for trading cryptocurrencies. We understand the privacy concern of our users and that’s why we have decided to maintain a KYC free platform.


Decentralized Accounts – Loandex is a decentralised exchange that requires no Know Your Customer (KYC);

Secure Identity – We’ve decided to avoid attacks and distraction from different bodies by not requesting for users details;

Decentralized Account Balance – All users balances will be held by a decentralized smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain and not by the exchange. This will prevent loss of funds in the event of system breakdown or cyber attack.


The exchange will have both web and desktop version and host circa 10 currencies at launch. We will be conducting a poll for users to vote for the coin they want to be listed on the exchange. The exchange will be the first DEX to offer margin trading. Our team is built up of experienced developers and security researchers with years of experience in software engineering and blockchain tech.



  • Each vote during the poll for coin listing will cost 0.1 LDX;
  • The LDX paid for voting will be sent automatically to a burn address;
  • There will be a buyback and burn to increase token value for our token holders.


Pre-ICO: This phase is required, we need funds to finance the initial phase of our great decentralised exchange. 100,000,000 LDX will be offered at a very cheap price of $0.01 per LDX with 20% purchase bonus – this phase will last for just 21 days.

ICO Stage: 600,000,000 LDX will be sold at a cost of $0.02 per LDX stage, with a 20% purchase bonus. This phase will last for a month.


Get 50 LDX tokens by joining Telegram group.

Additionally, you can receive extra 25 LDX for every referral.


Get 200 LDX bonus tokens when buying $20+ worth of LDX. Additionally you get on your whole purchase another 20% bonus.

To take advantage of this limited offer please go here:
LoanDex Website
LoanDex Airdrop (Telegram)

Instructions :

1) Click This Link To Open Telegram Bott LoanDex Airdrop (Telegram)

2) Join LoanDex Telegram group LoanDex Telegram Group

3) Submit your Email and Ethereum wallet address to receive your LDX tokens.

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