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  • a revolutionary platform that rewards its members with tokens of upcoming Decentralised Applications.
  • new token distribution paradigm that replaces ICOs, eliminates scams and ensures the stability and the growth of Ethereum.
  • open network of real decentralized projects.
  • improves the customer experience by providing a user-friendly platform
  • built upon transparency, security and sustainability
  • Loyal Hodlers are continuously rewarded
  • Rewards grow exponentially
  • will provide weekly updates published on the main HODLit social network accounts (Telegram, Reddit, Github, Discord, Twitter and Facebook).




The first platform for real decentralised projects

HODLit Network is a revolutionary platform that rewards its members with tokens of upcoming Decentralised Applications. 

HODLit Network proposes a completely new token distribution paradigm that replaces ICOs, eliminates scams and ensures the stability and the growth of Ethereum.


  • Dev team invests money and time into projects
  • Projects are developed and released
  • Tokens distributed to Hit Holders freely
  • HODL and get more tokens


MOONIT –   MOONit gamifies the HODLit weekly airdrop. Users need to build a rocket with airdropped parts and send it to the moon. The better the parts the better chances to mint a lot of HIT. Users will be able to use our internal marketplace in order to recycle and sell their unused rocket parts. 

AlphaSwap –  AlphaSwap is a crowdsourced alpha capture and asset management system based on Blockchain technology. It uses blockchain smart contracts and the wisdom of the crowd in order to allow the creation, the voting and the trading of ideas.

Expanse –  Expanse is the next generation decentralised trading platform empowered by unique possibilities given by the disruptive crypto-economic models. It uses the power of tokenomics and derivatives in a totally disruptive way with no problems of liquidity and no third parties. The platform focuses on Binary Options and traditional derivative instruments.

Harveth – Harveth can be described as farmville on Blockchain. It allows the junction between virtual and real world economies thanks to the non fungible token standard [ERC721]. Users need to build a farm, grow crops, breed animals and contribute to the community with endless possibilities in order to survive. Collaboration is incentivised by game theory.

HODLit Network contributes to the stabilization of the crypto-currency market.By providing a network of projects connected to each other based on a revolutionary distribution mechanism, HODLit Network embodies a real and sustainable ecosystem. An integrated network of Hodlers is created via next-generation technology and paradigms.


Revolutionary & Disruptive

HODLit Network is disruptive in its essence. It is an open network of real decentralized projects. To safeguard our revolutionary values, we only allow technologically innovative projects that have real utility to enter our network. Our purpose is to redefine existing industries by giving the power back to people and providing tremendous benefits for our users.

HODLit improves the customer experience by providing a user-friendly platform. We bring the Blockchain technology to the next level.



HODLit Network is built upon transparency, security and sustainability. Therefore, loyalty is a key. Loyal Hodlers are continuously rewarded for being the ones who truly empower a new era of stability, value storage and profitability. Rewards grow exponentially based on the HODL performance as we want to provide high-quality network synergies while maintaining its integrity.



We consider transparency as something vital.

The HODLit community deserves to be aware of the progress of the network. This is why we will provide weekly updates published on the main HODLit social network accounts (Telegram, Reddit, Github, Discord, Twitter and Facebook).

The growth and the sustainability of the community is at the core of HODLit’s values. Regarding the Smart Contract, the source code is public and auditable on Etherscan and on our github.


HODLIT AIRDROP EASY TOKENS, sign in through twitter.
Earn 160 HIT Tokens By following on twitter & joining telegram Community

Website link : https://www.hodlit.network/

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