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Ticker : FOXT
Contract Address :0x965ed5ca828c66f9ed8350682d4331bc4a72e93d

Decimal : 18

Exclusive and easy to use trading signals based on our revolutionary algorithm

Guaranteed percentage of the benefits of the Trading Pool without adding extra investment

Access to Autotrader service 100% hands-free to copy our investments and get your own profit!

Join Telegram, Make Tweets, Facebook Status etc… tons of ways to earn Foxt tokens!

Join the Crowdsale if your an investor, this ICO rated 4.8 & 4.3 on 2 of the biggest ICO sites and is currently one of the most anticipated ICO’s Running.

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FOX Trading is a service already working in the forex industry with a HUGE community.

The FOXT team has been working on Fox Binary Signals for years and it has been a huge success but with the current trend in cryptocurrency & Huge amount of requests to expand their services to cryptocurrency, This is huge for us

The Fox Trading Platform currently has 10,000 app downloads, 1500 registered users & Over 350% Gains , anyone who downloads the platform Now will get lifetime access to Fox Trading platform.
The Fox Trading platform consists of  Trading signals and also access to benefits in Fox Trading Pool.
For Premium investors there is automatic trading service that allows you to copy exactly what Fox Trading does and get every % of profit possible.

All Services described above are considered payed services and everyone who does not get in during the ICO will be able to pay for the services with FOXT Tokens

This Service is Only Available for a Exclusive number of users to avoid losing performance.

The Fox trading team has been working for over 2 years to make the absolute best trading signal system, Being a premium investor and getting access to the Auto trader you can save so much time and make money while your doing your favourite hobbies or hanging out with family. stop sitting in front of your computer when Fox Tradings automated system could be doing it for you.
The Fox Token will also allow you to buy Robots & Guides on the Fox Trading Platform, also you can recover your initial investment through the Fox Trading Pool, Whats the risk?

FOXT Token Burn, any tokens that aren’t bought during the ICO Will be burned bringing circulation down making the token that much more desired. FOXT tokens will be burned periodically to ensure the rarity of this token is going up driving the price upwards as well.
Every time a new user pays for something on Fox Trading some of the tokens will be burned increasing rarity.

The Foxt token is a Ethereum based cryptocurrency and will be added to other exchanges after the ICO is over which means if you miss the ICO you will still be able to get FOXT on many Exchanges.
the desktop and app beta platform plans to be released in Q3 of 2018 and full launch in the beginning of 2019

Fox Trading has been building the platform since 2014, they are not new in the trading signal space they have our full trust,

Presale Stage 1 started Feb 7th,  lasts 4 weeks : 4.5M tokens are for sale + 50% bonus on your purchase. 

Stage 2 : lasts 1 week 20% bonus & 7M tokens For sale

Stage 3 : lasts 1 week 15% bonus & 7M tokens For sale

Stage 4 : lasts 1 week 10% bonus & 7M tokens For sale

Stage 5 : Lasts 1 week NO BONUS 9.5M tokens For sale

Main sale starts March 10th Or end of Presale

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