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  • Over 4000 Faucets to claim from
  • All funds go to your FaucetHub Account & can be withdrawn to your wallet
  • Earn crypto from OfferWalls
  • Win Crypto from MiniGames
  • Mine with your browser directly on site
  • Ability to use FaucetHub platform to create a faucet for your own website

FaucetHub has been around for quite a while now, and if you’re interested in earning free cryptocurrency, this is one website you should not be missing out on. One of the largest lists of active faucets for you to claim from, with its own micro wallet where all of the funds are allocated from the faucets. You can visit these faucets at different intervals to keep claiming, and with over 4000 active faucets listed, its more than enough to keep you busy. FaucetHub also offers SEVERAL other ways for you to earn right on their website, heres a quick breakdown:



Earn FREE Bitcoin from Offerwalls

Need some extra Bitcoin to reach your withdraw threshold? Do some surveys and get FREE Bitcoin in your account! You earn EXP points too!


Mine with your browser on FaucetHub

FaucetHub offers a browser mining platform, where you can mine cryptocurrency directly in your browser, it even offers a break time to let your computer cool down, something that a lot of other mining apps and platforms dont have.


Play MiniGames to earn

FaucetHub also offers mini games for you to play that offer cryptocurrencies to winners. These games utilize the cryptocurrency you’ve earned from faucets & offerwalls in order to make bets.


Rock, Paper, Scissors 

Rambo Dice

Another way to earn coins is by participating in the chat room/chat box. Every hour 50 active chat users will get BTC satoshi “rained” on them by the “rainmaster”. Funds are taken from the “rainpool” and divided randomly among 50 active users. And while in the chat room/box, you may also be lucky enough to get coins from other users who will rain or tip from time to time.

FaucetHub is a micropayment system which allows you to receive payments from faucets/websites quickly and easily. You collect as much coins as you can, and once reaching the minimal payout threshold you will get sent those coins directly into your wallet. If you are a website owner and wish to host a faucet on your website, this would also be a good place to start. Register your website, do the required set up & you will have a running faucet in no time that you can fund using the cryptocurrencies that you have earned from other faucets.

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