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  • Easily exchange crypto and analyze the market
  • Buy & Sell with cash
  • Trade on Any device
  • Message other traders & chat
  • Learn from, rate & follow other investors
  • Trade & Meet with people nearby
  • Free FOREVER

A Free Peer-To-Peer Cryptocurrency Exchange And Social Network For Crypto-Enthusiasts, making the $500 Billion cryptocurrency market accessible for everyone.

Why aren’t more people buying & selling cryptocurrencies?

2.5 Billion Unbanked People Are Missing Out

There are currently over 2.5 Billion unbanked people worldwide. Unfortunately they are excluded from buying and selling cryptos.

No Anonymity

Registrations on crypto exchanges lead to various verifications, investors need to communicate their most sensitive data.

Too Complicated Getting Started

Getting started can be very frustrating.

Slow Registrations

On popular exchanges, users need to wait up to 3 weeks to get started with trading.

Bad Trading Experiences

Crypto exchanges do not yet offer all coins and tokens on the market and you need to switch from one to another to get your prefered coin.

Risk Of Losing Funds

Most exchanges offer an online wallet. These are very affected on getting hacked and you can easily lose all your coins.

Exaking’s Solution 

Exaking Is A Free Peer-To-Peer Cryptocurrency Exchange And Social Network For Crypto-Enthusiasts.

They act as a free, fast intermediary between traders and bring them together. Their social trading platform gives you endless possibilities and connects all kinds of investors from novice to advanced. It enables anyone independently of the device (desktop, smartphone…) to exchange all pairs of cryptocurrencies or buy and sell cryptocurrencies using cash. (Exchange crypto with crypto, cash with crypto, Paypal money with crypto, it’s all up to the traders.) Exaking makes it possible to create buy and sell offers or find buy and sell offers, nearby or worldwide. Users have the opportunity to directly meet with people in a radius nearby or constitute their own Terms And Conditions and share them with other people over the smart Messaging System.

Exchange Crypto with Crypto

Exaking makes it possible to exchange any cryptocurrency with any other cryptocurrency. For example Dogecoin with Bitcoin, or Reddcoin with Verge and so many more. There are endless possibilities.

Analyze The Market

Take a look at historical data and derive future profits from it. Dive into the numbers and become a real chart analyst.

Buy & Sell With Cash

Buy & sell your preferred Coin/Token with cash. No credit card or debit card required for trading. Making it accessible for 2.5 billion unbanked people worldwide.

Trade On Any Device

Our platform is available for any device. From laptops to PCs to smartphones and tablets. Android and iOS compatible.


Two traders can message each other once they are connected. They can make up plans to exchange coins over the internet or to meet each other if both sides agree.

Join The Community

Exaking is the place where investors, blockchain lovers, crypto-enthusiasts and any other kind of people meet.

Learn On The Fly

Learn from other investors and users. Read posts and be up to date on the blockchain technology and crypto.

Follow Users

Follow other users and always get their latest posts. Animate others to follow you and create new connections.

Free Forever!

We are totally free to use and have no hidden fees. It will be free forever!

100% Safe Funds

Exaking is not keeping your coins/tokens, that’s why you can simply keep your cryptocurrencies in your own offline-wallet. You keep the private keys in your pocket, in a locker at home or wherever you want. This possibility makes it 100% secure and you have total power over your funds.

No Waiting, Instant Trading

You can create an account within seconds and trade immediately after creation. Time is money and we won’t steal that from you!

Anonymous Trading

Trade without exposing sensitive data. No verification needed. You can choose an independent username and profile pictures are fixed avatars. 100% anonymity guaranteed. They respect your data.

Language Translation

They make it possible to read everyones’ posts. Our translating system translates every language into yours. So you can send messages to everyone from all parts of the world.


Keep track of the values of your coins. Know exactly how much profit you made.

Trade & Meet With People Nearby

It is possible to configurate the buy or sell offers that only users in a predefined vicinity will be reached. Or find your prefered crypto in your neighborhood. After that you can simply meet with coinholders and safely trade.

Rate Users After Trading

After a successful trade both parties can rate each other and ensure that other users can rely on that data for future trades.

Trade Over 1,000 Top Coins

They have over 1,000 coins and tokens on the platform. The choice is big!

Write Posts And Gain Followers

Write posts about tokens, coins or the blockchain technology and share them with a huge community. Gain new followers with your posts and keep your followers up to date.

Enabling Anyone To Trade Cryptos

We are enabling anyone on earth to access the cryptomarket.

Maximize Profits

Maximize your profits by not paying fees, by not giving away your fork coins and by reducing transactions.

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