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Elementh is the ultimate E-commerce platform, Elementh shows a register of “ownership of goods”.  “which has the ability to write specialized smart contracts and use the nomenclature standard to quickly create various decentralized and centralized applications.”

Along with the system of tokens Elementh allows the user to track their product from the day they created it all the way to the current owner, it is also capable of detecting counterfeit goods.

You are also able to issue a product at a particular address indicating all information about the product. this is huge and cuts out a lot of work for big organizations that handle mass volume.

Example : lets say you wanted to sell something online and had a hard time. Elementh would allow you to put your items for sale on the Blockchain. You can make a store in literally minutes. you can connect your accounting program & bind the stock balance to a single name. Fine merchandise cards and complete data about the product will appear.

Information about your goods instantly become available to everybody on the Elementh blockchain

When someone see’s your goods online and wants to make a purchase it instantly sends a notification to the seller. The customers money is instantly sent to a smart contract.  Once the seller can see the funds are secure in the smart contract the seller will then set up delivery instructions & the delivery will be made.
Once the delivery is successful the Smart Contract will transfer the funds into the sellers account immediately & automatically. No waiting period at all.
now the seller can set re invest in a new product & doesn’t have to wait for funds.

Now lets say you wanted to sell a Expensive name brand item that has a lot of copycats/fakes like Gucci Belts. You set up a buy order from Gucci (the Legit company) & Gucci immediately sets up the dispatch. Now you have a transaction from a Authentic Gucci company. When you get the item and Re-sell it on the market people will be able to track the item back to the original manufacturer confirming that your items are Authentic.

Now lets say someone bought your Authentic Gucci belts online and kept them for 6 months and got bored of them and wanted to sell, in 2 clicks you could do that because the Elementh Platform would recognize that you bought them from an authentic Gucci source.

Elementh will allow just the average person to buy directly from the manufacturer cutting all the middle men out making the product a lot cheaper then retail prices

You have Access to all transaction history and score of seller which makes it possible for you to build credit and overdraft at banking institutions.

Elementh blockchain can be used by any service provider,  for example hotels, airlines with ticket coupon or voucher,

I will be investing…

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