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Target: $300



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  • Aims to revolutionize the market of lending platforms
  • Earn up to 45% monthly with lending program
  • Earn up to 19% monthly with the staking program
  • Trade DVC on large exchanges
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Divinum ICO amazing lending platform and referral airdrop!

DivinumCoin (DVC) aims to create a lending platform with the Ethereum ecosystem that is built on trust and reputation. The coin starts at $0.10 and they have a target price of $300 by next year as they plan on developing ecosystems with over 50 sectors.

Security is the first priority within their decentralized platform. They utilize the popular Ethereum blockchain technology allowing other developers to join seamlessly and without worry.

DivinumCoin (DVC) contributes to redefining the core trends of cryptocurrency in the present and future to generate positive changes in the way that crypto is viewed & admitted in the next 5 to 10 years. The context of DivinumCoin’s birth Recently, many more ICOs have been issued with their own corresponding product launches. There appears to be an ICO and MLM frenzy across the Blockchain industry.

Although there are genuine products and judiciously executed ICOs, many disadvantages of weak setups have occurred, which hardly succeed in the business performance of their lending capital, such as:

• Not having a lending business strategy, using capital of last-investors gives payout for pre-investors.

• Weak technology: Most ICO sites have met serious challenges regarding data & bandwidth protection. There have been attacks (ddos) to steal data & capital of investors, which cause major damage & loss of finance and investment opportunities.

• Website runs slowly, and sometimes is totally disrupted. It is risky when investors can no longer access it anymore.

• Thin support system: Feedback from support requests is not given in time or sufficiently. So why is DivinumCoin given birth to at this time? Anyone can understand that an investment would be unreasonable unless the risk of loss is manageable.

They have studied the mistakes made by other ICO’s and are making sure they don’t repeat them. DVC was born to demonstrate the reality of a LENDING 2.0 platform, fair, balanced, solid, with great benefits.

They offer the opportunity to obtain and protect your benefits:

• Lending – Get returns through loan system (1.2 – 2.0% Daily)

• Trading – Buy low sell high

• Staking – Protect profits while earning interest (5.5% Fixed weekly)

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