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  • Designed for a new international dating service
  • Highly liquid Utility token -Use token for in-app purchases or sell it to millions of users worldwide
  • Regulatory Compliance - Regulatory compliance guaranteed. Minimal risks for owners and investor
  • Integrated price rise mechanism - Price rise is backed by the high demand among the users worldwide
  • Blockchain Use - Users verification and enhanced security with blockchain


DateCoin is a token designed for a new international dating service, next generation of a successful product Denim. It features reliable growth mechanics based on global expansion strategy to enter new markets and increase the audience. 

DateCoin creates a new reality of online dating, combining advanced, proven technologies and fruitful dating experience.


DateCoin is the world’s first token secured with working business model and growing audience of MVP, dating service Denim;

We use blockchain to tackle the core problem of dating industry, user identification and verification;

No more fake accounts and bots;

Our project blends artificial intelligence with neural networks for innovative dating experience;

Our project is backed by highly profitable business, vast experience in dating, marketing and web design.




  • Low efficiency in finding a matching partner. The user wastes a bunch of time looking through boring profiles
  • Fake photos and accounts of non-existing girls, unreliable personal information
  • Hidden subscriptions and payments that drain money from users cards
  • Weak cybersecurity of services, confidential data leaks due to successful hacking attacks
  • Highly liquid utility token with price rise mechanics implemented, secured by the growing active audience worldwide



DTC Token Growth Factors

Last year total revenue of Denim amounted to $ 2.5M. After token generation event, all in-app services will be priced in DTC (special offer compared to the regular price). Thus, the token will be in high demand secured with millions of users and backed by the growing audience and entering new markets.

Date Coin Airdrop (12$)

ATTENTION!!! You can buy real services in Denim dating app with DTC right after you get them!

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Bonus tokens will be distributed after the ICO. You’ll get a letter to the email you provided with all necessary instructions.
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