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  • Have Full Ownership & Control over your data across the web
  • Currently over 15 Million users in the network
  • Connects your profiles, reputations and networks into one sharable source using blockchain technology

Most people have several online accounts on several different websites which might have become forgotten about over the years, resulting in inconsistent information on the web. Users do not have control over this information, and the apps and platforms are constantly changing their rules, and even sharing this data to third parties without users knowing.  Managing each of these sources of information separately is a waste of time and gives you no control over how its stored or used, with you can update your information from any website in the network and it will be automatically transferred to every other app you’re connected to. is a decentralized data exchange protocol that lets people connect their profiles, reputations and experiences across the web with privacy and security. You have complete control and ownership of your data. Choose which apps use your information and what is shared. This is revolutionary especially after the recent Facebook data scandal, users are realizing how important it is to have complete control over their data.

Our Mission

We believe in a more open and connected internet. We believe you deserve complete control of your information including how and where it’s used. We are on a mission to provide a better solution. –

User data is the core value of all consumer facing apps. Centralized platforms mine and productize data for their own agendas, leaving control in the hands of a few companies. At they believe in this value being shared between users and apps to create a more connected and decentralized internet.

A person’s profile and information lives on hundreds of apps which are all closed networks and centralized sources. These apps control data at their will, while users and other companies are left with limited opportunities. The protocol is an open network revolutionizing how apps access user data and communicate with one another. User data powers nearly every consumer facing app on the web. Connects user data across the web

Full Ownership & Control

Users have full ownership of where and how their data is used.

Maintain Value Across Apps

Users can transfer reviews, reputation and work history to maintain value across the web.

Instant Access to User Data

Apps connected to have instant access to a growing wealth of information about their users.

Data is Always Up to Date

User data is automatically updated across all apps at once, so it’s always up to date.

Increasing Network Value

The larger the network grows the more value it delivers to everyone in the network.

Seamless Signups

Users can save time and instantly import their professional data when signing up for new apps.


Powered by the DOCK Token

The DOCK token transforms the internet, creating a new decentralized economy for data exchange across the web.

Token holders can introduce new proposals and vote on the future development roadmap of the protocol.

Accessing Data

Applications use tokens when users want to access data via the protocol.

Sharing Data

Applications are rewarded when users create new data to share via the protocol.

The protocol is low in the tech stack making it capable of powering data for every consumer app in the world

There are currently over 15 million users in the network and they’re just getting started, They recently raised $20m in their recent token sale.

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