In the cryptocurrency web space, there are hundreds of websites that claim to be the place to start, have community forums that are well established, or regularly post a multitude of different ways to get your hands on cryptocurrency, But none of them are considered a one stop hub for learning, airdrops, forum community, news and announcements, a lot of the websites out there aren’t very creditable, or they are suited to those who already have hours of research / knowledge under their belt. We want to change that.

As you know, We are trying to create a solid community here at central airdrop for knowledge and information about cryptocurrencies and ways to get your share for free. In order to accomplish this we have established a forum where our users can chat about airdrops, ways to earn, and ask questions if needed. We also have a news section with a feed from all the large crypto news sites, a page with ways to earn, regular posts about upcoming businesses utilizing cryptocurrency, and were growing more and more every day.

The goal of our website is to introduce newcomers to the vastly expanding cryptocurrency world with a simple, straight forward, hub thats easy for anyone to understand, follow and learn from without throwing it down because its “too complicated”. 

Thus, the referral program was created. At the end of every month we will be rewarding those who have acquired the most referral points with a prize. Get ReferralPoints by signing up, and going to the referral section of our website. There you will find your referral link and your points balance, followed by a legend showing you how many points you get per click, and per sign up.

This referral program will be different, as we will randomly put out different ways for you to earn referral points on top of your referral link, such as: Visiting the website, submitting posts, visiting our site regularly, and more. These promotions will come unannounced and only be available for a set time when they are released, but the referral program will never stop running, so start today and get on top!

Additionally, we will regularly be rewarding the top forum users with referral points based on how much valuable information submitted to the forums.

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