Bityard The Worlds Leading CryptoCurrency Contracts Exchange

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Bityard Headquartered in Singapore, provides a safe, easy, and fast crypto asset trading service in more than 150 countries. Bityard aims to bring the ultimate simplified trading experience to customers.

What is a Contract Exchange? 
A contract exchange is where someone puts up a price prediction of a certain asset, in this case CryptoCurrency. if you buy the contract for the asking price you are betting that their prediction is wrong & for every % or $ that the asset moves one party pays the other the difference.

For example : I am selling a contract for $100 saying BTC will rise to $8,000, from current price of $7,000 without it ever going as low as $6500. for every dollar BTC moves the apposing party pays.

Bityard user sees the contract and thinks BTC will hit $6500 before it ever hits $8000 & buys contract for $100. The price of Btc drops to $6500 2 days later but never went as high as $8000 at any point since contract was bought. Contract automatically closes the moment $6500 was hit and Bityard user makes $500 paid by the contract creator, in this example paid by me.


Beginner Bonus:

  • Sign up to Bityard & receive 1 USD & 6 BYD
  • Bind mobile phone or email & receive 1 USD
  • Complete 1 Demo Trade 2 USD

Trading Bonus:

  • Conduct a live trade once 2 USD
  • surpass 10k in trading volume 8 USD
  • surpass 25k in trading volume 18 USD & more

Daily Mining :  Allows you to collect a random amount of various popular currencies once every 24 hours and is very generous, you can then use those assets to trade on exchange or withdraw to your personal wallet.



Affiliate Earning: Do you have any friends, family that want to use the platform too? invite them using your referral link & earn 60% trading fee commission.


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