Hello Crypto world, today we are going to be talking about Bitsler Cryptocurrency Casino. have you ever wanted to try your luck at winning some big profits online? Central Airdrop has been scouring the web for the most profitable crypto casino available & we have found the winner.

Bitsler offers a fairly wide range of games that don’t require a minimum bet of even 1 cent so all walks of like can enjoy this platform & have a equal chance of making a profit playing any of the games, the casino starts you off at Bronze 1 VIP and as you wager on the site and ‘level up’ you are rewarded several chests on the way, Each chest can reward you from as little as a few cents all the way to 35,000.

Each Vip level gained gives you more benefits, bigger coupons ,chests & more. Once you hit Gold Vip you receive a Rakeback which is about 10% of what you’ve wagered given back to you every 30 minutes. as you move through higher vip ranks your rakeback goes up as well.

 Bitsler Casino

Don’t have the money to deposit? Bitsler offers a Faucet for Bitsler Tokens. you can make a claim from the faucet every 10 minutes max 50 times per day, then you can play any game on the site with Bitsler Tokens. Every day you can participate in the Bitsler Challenge,  whom ever has the most Tokens at the end of each day gets a prize paid out in BTC.

Bitsler Chat & Forums is also another good way to earn a passive income. you can participate in Roll Hunt, Trivia & other games Initiated by Moderators on the Bitsler world chat, or you can log on to the forums help the community by making educational posts or participate in Forum Challenges.


  Bitsler Casino


Have you ever questioned a online Casino’s creditability, ever think your being scammed?
On Bitsler Casino there is a Provably Fair Button located underneath all of their games. click on it & you will see your “Server Seed” which sort of looks like a wallet address & “Client Seed” which is a shorter numerical phrase. you can take those seeds and put them in a “Bet Verifier” which will show you how that bet was created proving that it couldn’t have been modified by anything or anyone which should give the user a huge amount of confidence.

Bitsler Casino also regularly gives out “coupons” via Telegram & Email, a coupon is a link to the casino that will credit your account with BTC. the more you have played on the site typically gives you a bigger coupon. ive personally heard of people getting 0.025 BTC in a Coupon… (Make sure you dont ask for a coupon or else you will be muted for passive begging, just wait it out they come out multiple times a week on average)

  Bitsler Casino

Wager Contests are another form of Contest or Giveaway, they seem to happen everyday giving away up to 10,000 dollars worth of BTC per day. on occasion it can be more or less then 10K at Bitslers discretion. All you have to do is play the games provided in the Wager Contests description, if you wager enough to come in the top 50 you get a portion of the 10,000 Dollars.

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