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  • Easy To Use App Interface
  • Earn ALX Tokens Watching Videos On The App
  • Synchronize Across Multiple Devices Allowing For Future Growth
  • ALX App is also ALX Wallet & will be able to store other kinds of Cryptocurrencies
  • Multipurpose App Used For Messaging & Sending Payments To Others
  • 40 Million Already Invested
  • 9 Pattons
  • An Anonymous Database
  • Book Published



Algebraix ICO : Earn An Income Using Your Personal Data

Ticker : ALX

Total Supply : 100,000,000,000

Tokens For Sale : 25,000,000,000

Token Sale & Beta App Is Live!

Algebraix ICO, The New Era Of Data Marketing & The Beginning To Data Algebra 

The ALX team is in the progress of creating a 100% permission based data network where you can sell your personal data.

What is your personal data and why is it such a big deal?

Your data is anything you do on the web to your basic information like first and last name or even marital status and licence number  … sure it’s not you’r banking information & passwords but the things that you don’t think matter. Have you ever been looking for something on your wish list that you just can’t afford yet? Next thing you know your scrolling on Facebook and sure enough that exact item you were just looking at a couple days ago is in an advertisement on your newsfeed. Well some company payed big money, millions in some cases for YOUR data with no permission so they can put the ads where they are utilized most.    This Needs To Stop

Algebraix isn’t for the future, we need it now!

“as we skipped from website to website—they collected our buying patterns, our interests, our political leanings, our health concerns, our investment choices and our social inter-actions. They harvested our data, categorized it, aggregated it, analyzed and used it for their exclusive commercial benefit.” Algebraix


Algebraix isn’t only permission based but its anonymous, You take control of your data without tying an entity to it

By using smart contracts to bind the user to their data it is impossible for theft to take place without a public record of it happening.

Algebraix will enable you to secure, command and productively use your personal data, in return users will be paid in ALX tokens by advertisers who will then use their data for targeting purposes. Individuals in turn will be able to use ALX to pay for other services the network provides.

The Vault will essentially be an app you can download on google play for example, the vault will hold all your personal data encrypted and protected with a password, you can add as much or as little personal data to the vault as you wish.

What if you get a new mobile device ?

The Algebraix app is already designed to be synchronized across multiple devices, when technology grows so will the ALX platform

Mobile App will also be the ALX Token wallet

Other ways to earn using The ALX Platform is by watching videos, Currently Algebraix App Is in Beta testing & users can now watch and earn ALX tokens today!

For those who entered the program early were awarded with 15,000 bonus ALX Tokens!


Click Here To Sign Up For Beta & Download App

CentralAirdrop Backs This ICO & Deems It Investment Friendly




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